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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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Cost efficient handling of variable batch sizes with a flexible robot cell - Sensor manufacturer Lenord + Bauer has used robot automation to optimise its manufacturing production cycle for frequent product changeovers and a wide variety of batch sizes. The solution is flexible, efficient and provides integration into the company’s higher-level enterprise systems. This is an ideal platform for future developments such as the planed implementation of a Kanban warehouse.
Six times more thermoforming packaging machines can fit into the same space - The new Shawpak thermoforming packaging machine developed by Riverside Medical Packaging allows manufacturers to replace a 20m long packing line with a single unit under 2m in length. A compact integrated control system developed by Mitsubishi Electric is key to optimising the machine’s performance while keeping within a small target size envelope.
Integrating renewable sources into a reliable power ecosystem - Balancing different sources of power, including renewables represents the most efficient and sustainable approach to meeting the energy needs we have now, and those of the next generation. Efficient control hardware combined with the management and optimization offered by virtual power plants provides an opportunity to meet that challenge today.
Muntons - Barley malt producer increases productivity with smart condition monitoring - Muntons, one of the UK’s largest producers of malted barley protect vital parts of their production process against unscheduled downtime by using the Smart Condition Monitoring (SCM) system from Mitsubishi Electric.
Mitsubishi Electric launches HMI for extreme environments - With an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C, and protection ratings to IP67F/IP66F, the GOT2507T-WTSD 7” operator terminal meets the needs of harsh and demanding applications. No additional protective measures are required for washdown with high pressure water or use in power equipment that is typically located outdoors. As a result, it is a perfect fit...

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