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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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EMO 2019 - Easy IT connectivity for machine tools - Mitsubishi Electric CNCs demonstrate support for umati machine tool networking technology at EMO 2019. The implementation of umati (universal machine tool interface), which enables machine tools to exchange and share information efficiently, has tremendous potential for optimising production. Mitsubishi Electric, together with more than 50 machine tool manufacturers...
EMO 2019 - Predictive maintenance solutions for machine tools reduce cost the Smart way - Preventing unscheduled downtime is one of the most effective cost reduction measures in any production environment. Mitsubishi Electric is offering practical solutions for both machine tools and robots. At EMO 2019, Mitsubishi Electric will be demonstrating two of its predictive maintenance solutions available to customers.
EMO 2019 - Plug & Play robots for machine tools increase competitiveness - Faster time to market and increased production flexibility can be achieved using Mitsubishi Electric’s M8 Series CNC controllers with Direct Robot Control (DRC) functionality. Both the large touchscreen M800 and the M80 models offer DRC as standard. It allows machine tool operators to program and use robots quickly, direct from the CNC panel without specialist robot programming expertise.
EMO 2019 preview - Smart automation solutions for machine tools - In an increasingly competitive marketplace smarter machine tools can offer big advantages to production facilities such as increased flexibility, efficiency gains and reduced down-time. At EMO 2019 Mitsubishi Electric will be showing how these goals can be met with connected production systems, intelligent control systems, Edge Computing and partner solutions.
Mitsubishi Electric introduces new remote I/O modules - The latest slice type I/O modules from Mitsubishi Electric offer helpful features for PLC users in addition to saving space and helping reduce costs. Commissioning is made easier and quicker with fast-fit connections and hot-swap installation, plus, online and onboard software for settings.

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