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2019-01-08New benchmark SCADA software platform - MAPS 4, the latest SCADA solution from Mitsubishi Electric for control and visualisation, extends connectivity options, adds user tools and increases the scope of its built-in functionality. The result is a software suite that can reduce the time taken for project development and integration, while also enabling users to realise Smart Factory objectives. Devamı
2018-11-29Automation trends in the packaging industry - Like many other industries, the packaging sector constantly adapts to market requirements. Changes are being influenced by factors such as regulation, skills shortages and digital transformation. To turn these challenges into opportunities, innovative companies are increasingly relying on solutions such as human-robot collaboration and the use of artificial intelligence to ...Devamı
2018-11-28How to achieve faster SCADA projects - Within the myriad of possible applications for SCADA software there is a common theme for both the end user and system integrator, and that is a need to respond to competitive pressures. The reason manufacturing, process, logistics and utility businesses all invest in new control and monitoring software is to build more efficient, cost-effective operations. Devamı
2018-11-28Holistic Solutions for Smart Manufacturing - As digitalization, Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) take their course, the classical linear manufacturing model is changing: Complex, integrated networks are developing that aim to achieve higher productivity with lower resource consumption. Machines, devices and applications must become smarter accordingly. When it comes to investment decisions, cooperation with ...Devamı
2018-11-21Mitsubishi Electric wins €1.5 million MV installation contract for new WTE facility - The contract for the supply of a turnkey medium voltage (MV) Electrical Balance of Plant solution for a new waste-to-energy (WTE) facility in Flintshire, North Wales has been awarded to Mitsubishi Electric. The scope of the project includes engineering, installation and commissioning services.Devamı
2013-03-25Mitsubishi Electric, Türk otomasyon pazarındaki ikinci büyük adımını atıyor – Ocak 2013'te Mitsubishi Electric Corporation tarafından Mitsubishi Electric Turkey Elektrik Ürünleri A.Ş.'nin kurulmasının ardından, Mitsubishi Electric Group yerel Fabrika Otomasyon dağıtım ortağı GENEL TEKNİK SİSTEMLER SANAYİ VE TİCARET ANONİM ŞİRKETİ'nin (GTS) %100 hissesini satın aldı. Türkiye pazarındaki faaliyetlerini sağlamlaştırmak için atılan bu önemli adım, Mitsubishi Electric ve GTS arasındaki 21 yıllık ilişkinin sonucu olarak atıldı.Devamı
2012-11-19Inverter enhances its solutions for pump and water as well as building services applications – Mitsubishi Electric has upgraded the FR-F700-EC range of inverters with a number of functions that meet the specific needs of water and pumping as well as building services applications.Basın Bildirileri
2012-07-19Safe, user-friendly and energy-efficient – The MELSERVO MR-J4 series of servo amplifiers and the associated positioning units, simple motion modules and high-end motion control systems from Mitsubishi Electric enable machine builders and end customers to increase production safety and improve productivity.Devamı
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