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Factory Automation

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Factory Automation

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Mitsubishi Electric launches HMI for extreme environments - With an extended operating temperature range of -20°C to +65°C, and protection ratings to IP67F/IP66F, the GOT2507T-WTSD 7” operator terminal meets the needs of harsh and demanding applications. No additional protective measures are required for washdown with high pressure water or use in power equipment that is typically located outdoors. As a result, it is a perfect fit...
New performance inverters for applications with high power requirements - Mitsubishi Electric has extended its inverter portfolio with a 690V version of its FR-A800 series inverters. The new models of the FR-A870 690V line cover power outputs up to 1.5 MW. Yet this increased power is delivered in a slim package that starts at just 380mm wide, offering significant space saving potential. Furthermore, the FR-A870 line combines this high-power performance with features ...
Digitalization and brownfield facilities – can these fit together? - Today’s plant automation systems provide transparent monitoring of system status, plus tools such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance – all help to reduce unscheduled downtime. However, what about brownfield installations with legacy equipment? It is not uncommon to see plant equipment still working after 30 years. Can these systems be integrated into value chains so that ...
New benchmark SCADA software platform - MAPS 4, the latest SCADA solution from Mitsubishi Electric for control and visualisation, extends connectivity options, adds user tools and increases the scope of its built-in functionality. The result is a software suite that can reduce the time taken for project development and integration, while also enabling users to realise Smart Factory objectives.
Automation trends in the packaging industry - Like many other industries, the packaging sector constantly adapts to market requirements. Changes are being influenced by factors such as regulation, skills shortages and digital transformation. To turn these challenges into opportunities, innovative companies are increasingly relying on solutions such as human-robot collaboration and the use of artificial intelligence to ...

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